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Author: Peter Go
Price: US$ 20.00 - (purchase using our secure page)
Platform: UNIX

What is Printer-Friendly?
Printer-Friendly is a program written in Perl that gives visitors to a web page the ability to view that exact same page in a "printer-friendly" format. This means all images and background colors are stripped out leaving only the text on a plain background. The pages can be configured to include and exclude certain portions of the page thus allowing maximum flexibility. What's more, the resulting pages can include optional headers and footers through the use of a page template. If that wasn't enough, the package also comes with an admin and logging script. The password-protected admin script allows the site owner to edit the page template and view/purge the log files.

Click here to see a working demo of Printer-Friendly.
Click on image to see working demo.

How does Printer-Friendly work?
Printer-Friendly parses the HTML page that is going to be printed and generates the printer-friendly page following the layout as defined in the template file. The template file is editable online through the admin script.

In order for Printer-Friendly to work properly, the following are required:

A web host server that:

  • runs a Unix operating system (eg: Linux);
  • allows CGI-BIN access;
  • has a Perl interpreter properly configured and installed;
  • has LWP.pm module for Perl properly installed (verify with your web host if you have this module installed on your web server prior to purchasing the script).
Printer-Friendly will work with both static and dynamically-generated HTML pages.

In no event will CGI City or the program's author be liable to the user of this script or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate this script, even if user has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Ordering Printer-Friendly
Please read the Requirements and Disclaimer above before placing and order.

Printer-Friendly may be purchased for only US$ 20.00. You may order through our secure online credit card payment system (via CCNow.com). After confirmed receipt of payment, the script will be sent to you via email - so please make sure you enter your email address correctly.

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IMPORTANT - Read This Before Ordering:

All ordered CGI City scripts are sent via e-mail as attachments after confirmed receipt of payment. We will send the ordered scripts only to email addresses which are either associated with your own domain name or your ISP's domain name.

If the contact email address provided is a free account like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or any other free web-based email account, the order WILL NOT be honored. Such orders will be cancelled immediately and the credit card used refunded the appropriate amount. We have received far too many fraudulent transactions associated with free email accounts which forced us to implement this rule.

Important Note To Credit Card Orders

Please choose the appropriate Shipping To information upon your order. This is just for record purposes. The script(s) will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of verification and approval of your credit card information.

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