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Web Space Management Scripts
  1. Smart Archive
    $39 - $59 - Platform: Unix
    Smart Archive will run a high quality file archive on your site. You can add files yourself or allow others to add files (and they will be given credit). You might have seen some sites with this type of archive before, now you can have one yourself! Smart Archive does more than any of these other archives: People can add files by giving the file URL or by uploading it to the site, thumbnails can also be linked or uploaded (useful for picture archives!), plenty of info can be displayed on the archive (file size, when it was added, who added it, etc.), and people can sort the files in many different ways. You can even let people add files to a "download list" so that they can download all the files at once, later, when they are ready (useful for people with slow internet connections). The most unique feature is that you can run your archive like an FTP server, requiring people to add files to it before they can download any!

  2. SmartFTP
    $49 - $69 - Platform: Unix
    Unlike many FTP CGIs who only imitate an FTP server, SmartFTP really connects to any FTP in the world! It does not only display files on the same server the CGI is installed on, but opens a real FTP connection. It lets you view files and browse an FTP, all on your web site with your design (colors, links, ad banners, etc...). It even has the basic features of an FTP program, such as deleting, renaming, making new directories, and more. Plus, some extra features most FTP programs don't even offer: Creating and editing any file (such as HTML or Text), which makes things faster and easier than using a seperate editing program for files.

  3. Auto Delete
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    Delete all files (in the specified directory) with file dates older than the specified days. Eg. Delete all files older than 30 days - regardless of the permission setting of the files. Can be run manually from browser, telnet or automatically using crontab. Only two variables to edit - the directory and the file age.

  4. CommunityWeaver
    $999 - Platform: Unix
    Donít just give people Webpages, give them their own community that they can develop. Each member gets as many pages as you allow (either template-based or uploaded), a Message Forum, Guestbook, Poll, Yahoo-like directory, a Free4All links page and a Form2Email page. Add to that, detailed hit logs, site backup and Search Engine Submission Agent for each member and youíll have happy members. You can created tiered user groups, and decide who gets access to which features. Tight security, automation and many customization features are built-in to make your life easier.

  5. ContentManager
    $275 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    Complete content area manager that scans your directory tree and then thumbnails all pics and creates html galleries for you.

  6. csFiler
    55 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csFiler is an all purpose file manager for managing your website through a browser instead of ftp. You can: create directories, upload files, change permissions and more. Manage all your entire server using your web browser. Administer your web pages from your web browser. Lists all files/directories in a directory. Move through your entire server one directory at a time. Editing text or HTML files or create new files or directories. Upload binary or ASCII (text) files. Change file permissions (CHMOD). Deleting files or rename files. There is so much more, you have to scope out this script!

  7. csNews
    $35 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csNews is an automated script that allows the user to manage News items that are posted on the web site. Manage one or more News databases from one easy to use management pages. This script also uses our professional, easy to use management screens. Add, Modify, Delete and even View your News databases from one easy to understand management screen. Advanced style editing allows you to change the look and feel as often as desired. Each News database can have a look of it's own. Call the News HTML directly or use SSI. Include code added to management page for easy reference. Wait until you see this script.

  8. csIncludes
    30 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csIncludes is an automated script that allows the user to manage server side includes (SSI) from one main area. Manage all your web site SSI files from one location. Easy to use management screen. Add, Modify, Delete and even View your SSI files from one easy to understand management screen. Include code added to management page for easy reference.

  9. csRandomText
    20 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux and BSD
    csRandomText is a content management system for displaying blocks of text/html in random order, in true order, or refreshed every 'n' days. Management page allows you to create multiple instances of text blocks. Update all the various text blocks from one location. Here is a list of uses: Customer kudos (as shown on our main page), Quote of the day, Joke of the day, Weekly Recipes, Daily scriptures. Even use it to rotate advertisement banners.

  10. Dirwrap
    Free - Platform(s): Unix, Linux
    Dirwrap is a utility that allows you to control the look and output of directory listings from your webserver. It allows you to hide files so that they will not be displayed when listing a directory and to identify new files based on the age you specify. It is particularly useful for web servers that don't allow directory listings from a URL call.

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