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Top Sites and URL Submission Scripts
  1. 1-Submit Pro: Visual URL Autosubmitter
    $14.99 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    1-Submit Pro is an advanced 50+ search engines visual URL autosubmitter. Quick overview:
    1. Submit a URL to 50+ search engines with only one click.
    2. Search engines database is expandable, so you can add other engines to make your service different.
    3. The script performs visual URL submission. So the user can see all the search engines responses, and he/she is able to analyze them carefully.
    4. Once the URL is submitted, the visitor can check his/her site's popularity at AltaVista and Google.
    5. The script sends e-mail confirmation as a result of successful submission.
    6. Special report page is shown to a user.
    7. All the submissions are logged, so you can analyze your visitor's activity.
    8. The script gets $5 off when purchased with full installation service.

  2. Advanced Ranking System V 3.0
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    Advanced Ranking System is not just for creating a top-sites list but also for creating a list for anything you want to rank. For example, the products of your company, each section on your web site, the latest music, and anything you can think. This script doesn't just rank a member by the total votes, but also the scores that the visitors give to the member. With the powerful admin script, you can manage the members' database easily. Also, you members will be able to edit their own accounts, get html tags for putting on their pages, view their statics, and get a new password if they lose or forget the passwords. Gateway voting and IP logging functions are also included.

  3. Anchor's Site Submitter
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This program will automatically submit your URL to several major search engines for indexing including Altavista, Excite, Hotbot, Lycos, and Webcrawler. Simply input the URL of your web site and your email address into an input text field and hit the Submit button.

  4. Angst Review Top Site
    FREE/$25.00 CDN - Platform(s): Unix
    Perl Top Site script that features over 30 different ranking options, statistics that can be mailed to members, multiple pages, choice of numbered or regular members banners, option to allow visitors to rate sites, cheating gateway, administrative script, very customable to match your site. And much more...

  5. AutoRank Pro
    $65.00 - Platform(s): Unix, NT
    Easy to use and extremely powerful top sites software. All pages are template driven which makes for easy integration into your existing site. This software has lots of other great features including category support, several cheat protection options, detailed stats, ability to rank sites 10 different ways, blacklists, icons, search engine, and much more.

  6. Chatologica GlobalSubmit
    $95.00 - Platforms: Unix, Windows
    Professional cgi scripts to start your own automated real-time URL submission service. It requires less CPU/network resources than regular LWP-based software as it uses Socket.pm. With the help of Chatologica GlobalSubmit Utilities you can add/update search engine profiles. Admin Panel, logging option, control through html templates and free demo available.

  7. Chatologica Web-Site Popularity
    $350 - Platform(s): Unix,Windows
    Generate search engines related marketing reports for web-sites. It finds site's indexed pages, pages linked to a domain, finds out what is the position(rank) of a web-site url in the search engine results listings for a search query. Also you can compare several web domains by ranking for a given search query or compare them by the reported counts of linked to that domains pages. This script supports mod_perl, FastCGI, gzip http compression, http proxies.

  8. Cloner, Gateway Page Creator
    $395.00 - Platform(s): Unix
    The Cloner is a simple program that creates multiple portal or gateways pages of your sites intro pages that you can use to submit to the search engines. What makes this program a valuable tool is that you can create 50-200 pages in seconds. Smart marketers know that "Time is Money" and the more time you can spend on marketing your product, service or opportunity, the more successful you will be in the long run.

  9. DEEPSubmit
    Free - Platform: Unix
    DEEPSubmit is an easy to use search engine submission program that pre-spiders and selectively submits all your pages for maximum effectiveness.

  10. DeepSubmit Pro
    Free/$39.99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Go ahead, use our free demo to submit your site as many times as you like, it's on us. If you're needing a more time-saving method of submitting, consider purchasing the full featured DEEPSubmit which scans your directory tree for submittable files and submits them one by one while you do something else. Unlike other submitters that may disguise the results of the submission in order to make it look good, our program displays the results right in your browser window.

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