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Tell-A-Friend Scripts
  1. @Tell powered by uPerl.net
    $69.99 - Platform: Unix
    @Tell is a Tell A Friend program. By using @Tell Pro, the user can send email to multi receivers. The sender simply enter name and email address of their friends like this : friend_name1/friend_email1@mail.com, friend_name2/friend_email2@mail.com .. unlimited email address. So your site will get more traffics and keep a lot of email. @Tell will be mailed back automatically to sender to say "thank you" - also display random ads banner...

  2. 27Stars Tell-A-Friend Traffic Virus
    FREE - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Free, simple and powerful way to start your own traffic virus. Traffic generated with "recommend" or "tell-a-friend" buttons is free and very targeted. Our service is very customizable and SPAM free. It will not bother your visitor and his friend with any banners and you do not have to sign up for any accounts. Put "tell-a-friend" button on your site right now!

  3. birdcast.cgi
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    If you have ever wanted one of those recommend my site buttons on your site, but were concerned about who was getting the information- now you can do it yourself. Features: Uses SMTP via Sockets or Sendmail for cross plaform compatibility; Unlimited number of target recipients per page; Returns the reader to the calling page when they are done; Protection against off-site abuse; Easy to install, and to customize; No security headaches; E-mail address and page capture log.

  4. CGI City's Mail-This-Page
    $30.00 - Platform: Unix
    Mail-This-Page is a program written in Perl that gives visitors to a web page the ability to send copies of that page to any valid email address. The site owner simply inserts a small fill-out form into any webpage and he instantly gives viewers of that page the privilege to share the same content to anyone by sending a copy through email.

  5. CGI City's Mail-This-Page Pro
    $40.00 - Platform: Unix
    Mail-This-Page Pro gives visitors to a web page the ability to send that exact page to any valid email address. What makes this program unique is that it gives the visitors a choice between sending just a simple page URL or sending the entire page itself in full HTML format. What better way to promote your site than to allow your visitors to send the web page itself to their friends via email. Works with both static and dynamically-generated pages. The script also comes with a simple admin and logging module.

  6. Cliff's Tell Your Friends Script
    Free - Platform: Unix
    This script allows your users to send an e-mail (written by you) to their friends just by entering their e-mail address and their friend's e-mail address. By making it easier for your users to tell their friends you will receive more hits.

  7. CopThis
    Free - Platform: Unix
    CopThis Unix Perl 5+ CGI is a versatile free-to-use UNIX promo e-mail generator created to help increase awareness of your site using Sendmail. These forms are used extensively on the Internet because they allow visitors to send an e-mail message about your site to friends, right there while their enthusiasm is fresh.

  8. csRecommend: Free Tell-a-Friend Script
    FREE - Platform(s): ALL
    A FREE 'recommend us' script you can add to your web site. Let visitors recommend your site to their friends. This script has many configuration options, you can even save the email addresses entered by the users.

  9. DP TellAfriend
    Free - Platform(s): Unix/NT
    Letting visitors recommend your site to their friends, family and so on, is a great way of getting more and more visitors. This script uses a standard text-file as template, which not only makes setting it up a lot easier, but also makes changing the "look and feel" of the email very easy.

  10. EasyRefer
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Allows you to provide a form on your website for your visitors to suggest your site to a friend or many friends. It allows for unlimited recipients, adjustable referral message length, and logging of the referrals. When a referral is sent, the sender receives a thank-you note for referring your site, the recipient gets the referral, and you get a short message telling you that your site has been recommended. Very easy to install.

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