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Postcard Scripts
  1. @Card Version 3.0 playing Flash - Java Applet - MouseOver
    $129.99 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    01 SCRIPT does everything. You don't need to select the pictures by radio button, simply click the picture you like and then edit card with PRO layout. Sender can send 1 card to multi receivers. The sender can forward postcard at the time being on chosen correct date in the future. Easy for sender to insert face icon to make postcard layout more animatedly. Mouse Over Message is a unique function you have not seen before. Please see the Live Demo you will find it more in details.

  2. A PostCard Wizard Version 2.0
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Now we run Version 2.0 Faster - Easier - Clearer. Don't worry if you don't know much about Perl-CGI. Just fill in my form Wizard then get completed Perl Script. That's it. Upload on your server and Enjoy. It's Free - No Ads Banner, Hi-Tech PostCard Wizard does everything for you, help you to save your time.

  3. AceCard
    $50 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    This postcard script features the ability to handle 5000 cards per day with expiration of up to one month. Other standard features such as thumbnails preview-before-sending, and auto-removal of expored cards are also included.

  4. AmazePost
    Free - Platform: Unix
    AmazePost is a postcard script used for sending electronic postcards over the internet using e-mail. The script supports any numbber of pictures, midi background music, and password generation for secure postcards.

  5. BIS Postcard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A really great thing about BIS Postcard is it's simplicity. Users don't have to jump through radio buttons and check boxes and complicated forms just to send a card. All they need to do is click on an image, then fill in To, From, and the message!

  6. BizDesign ImageFolio Postcard Mod
    Free - Platforms: Unix, NT, Mac
    Suitable for larger multimedia galleries, this program allows your site visitors to send images and movies to the recipient of their choice. Features include automated deletion, recipient email notification, autoresponse emails, configurable colors fonts and borders, SSI capable HTML template design, card previews, re-editing, and more. Requires purchase of ImageFolio.

  7. BNB Virtual Card Script
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Win95
    Easy to install and customize virtual card script. Supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi music, card preview, background colors and images, text colors and more. Old cards are automatically purged.

  8. CardBoard
    $125 - Platform(s): Unix
    This is a simple postcard script which features MIDI support, changeable BGCOLOR, background Images and preview option.

  9. E-Postcard Address Book
    $49.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    Integrates seamlessly with any e-postcard script to give users their very own secure personal address book on your site in which they can store and manage any number of contacts as well as their own personal info. This info can be inserted into your postcard forms with one click of a button. Attractive graphical interface and much more.

  10. EcardsPro
    $299 - Platform: Unix
    ECardsPro was designed for sites that want to offer full-featured service like the big-boys do! You can effortlessly maintain a searchable database of postcards with all "card racks" created for you. You get detailed reports of what’s hot and what’s not and an email extractor for sending email. For your users, midi, color and background image selection is supported to make this the most complete postcard script around.

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