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Multi-Level Marketing Scripts
  1. Advanced Lead Management Database
    139.00 - Platform(s): UNIX/Linux
    Professional lead management software for your website. Potential clients fill out a form with their information. Data is stored in SQL database. A personalized welcome letter can be sent to each user that fills it out (optional). Filters US/Canada and International phone numbers for separate reports, or can be combined. Allows you to mark each lead's status with any text, such as, new lead, cold lead, contacted, etc. which is useful for selecting/sorting report queries. Has several reporting options. Allows manual SQL statement execution for custom reports. Export utility for exporting to delimited text for your other database software, mailing lists and dialing systems, with selectable delimiter. Admin area fully secured by using .htaccess or equivalent. Handles approximately 1.6 million+ records for 2GB SQL tables.

  2. Agents Unlimited - Multilevel Affiliate Software Solution
    Platform: Unix
    Affiliate engine capable of integrating into virtually any billing system allows you to reward affiliates commissions for referred sales. Our newest system supports unlimited levels of payouts to drive your sales through the roof! Each payout level may be set to a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission. Similar interface and features as our popular Agents of Fortune Professional including instant account activation, secure text links, real time statistics, easy database backup and restore. Simple integration into virtually all online billing systems and shopping carts. Negligable server load requirements. Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.

  3. ASCRIPTS Ultimate Traffic System
    $390 - Platform(s): Unix
    AUTS is a Perl/MySQL-based unique and feature rich script that allows you to run your own traffic system service. You have full control over layout via HTML templates and over functions and stats via an extensive control panel. Advanced Code Generation method to reduce server load and maximize security. Mailing List included. Also features: set ad levels, set code delay time, individual user stats, global stats etc.

  4. ASCRIPTS Exit Exchange Service
    $490 - Platform(s): Unix
    Run your own exit exchange service with this unique and feature rich script. MySQL database backend. You have full control over layout, functions and stats via an extensive control panel. Multiple level deep referral system included. Visitor IP check, set point ratio, set advertisers, detailed global and user stats, set referral levels, set referral points etc.

  5. Downline Builder
    $600 - Platform: Unix
    The Downline Builder's primary function is to provide individualized web pages, sometimes called "self-replicating", for members of an on-line business (typically MLM or network marketing). It also automates the sign-ups for these web pages, sends out welcome letters and newsletters, provides ID/password finder services for the members, and many more features.

  6. Get Your Hits Here
    $299 - Platform(s): Windows and Unix
    Web masters earn points good for hits when they visit other sites. A web master can also buy points. The software also comes with an affiliate program where more points can be earned by placing a banner on a site.

  7. MLM Manager Pro
    Platform: Unix
    The MLM Manager Pro provides self replicating web pages, members only area, administration area plus support for multiple companies and more! The MLM Manager uses a powerful mySQL database engine for unbeatable performance and scalability

  8. MLM Master Professional
    Platform: Unix
    MLM Master Professional is a self-replicating system which allows MLM or network marketing businesses to create individualized web pages. It also functions as an automated sign-up tool for these pages, as well as e-mailing welcome letters and newsletters. Members can also search for lost ID and password information with ease.

  9. MLM Module
    $39 - Platform: Unix
    This PERL script allows other webmasters to link to your page to earn four levels of commissions on sales they generate for your web store! You set the commissions as small, or as large as you like. Simply install one perl script into your cgi-bin, set the permissions and add a link to the script. Instructions for each step included.

  10. ReferClub Downline Builder System
    $135 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, SunOS, Windows 9X
    A complete set of scripts to create and maintain your own downline club for any affiliate/multi-level programs that have referral URLs (also for "get paid" programs - get paid to read email, get paid for referrals, etc.) Online demo available.

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