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Money and Finance Scripts
  1. Accounts Online
    99.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    Manage your Accounts Receivable online. Flexible billing schemes one time, normal, prorated, trials. Automated rebills. Plugins to integrate with e-commerce software. Customer access to review statements and invoices.

  2. Authorize Billing Scripts
    $50 USD - Platform(s): Unix
    These are E-commerce ready credit card processing scripts compatible with authorize.net. There are 3 seperate scripts for different uses.

  3. AVSCHECK - Adultcheck Clone Age Verification System
    Platform: Unix
    Basically this is a clone of adult check age verification system. Probably even better than their software actually. mySQL database backend and authorize.net payment gateways allow you to run your own Age Verification System. Built in 2 level affiliate structure allows you to payout commissions to both webmaters that refer members and webmasters that refer other webmasters. Search the entire AVS database by keywords or browse by category. Generates signup messages, realtime cc processing. Webmaster lounge lets them see their commissions in realtime or tweak their sites. Admin interface gives you overall control to approve or delete sites. You can also revoke commissions to webmasters in event of fraud or chargeback.

  4. AVS Maker
    $300.00 - Platform: Unix
    Fantastic Adult Verification Service site maker and submitter. This is the one YOU need!

  5. Batch Credit Card Processing Engine
    Platform: Unix
    Need a quick and dirty solution for processing billing databases? Batch processing engine allows you to process bulk credit card transactions via authorize.net. Simply upload your comma delimited text database and execute. Outputs results to comma delimited text databases compatible with popular spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft XL and Access. Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB, and Online Checks.

  6. CC_Ver by haverok.net
    $19 - Platform: Unix
    This script is a credit card verifier script. It gets out a credit card number from a form, and then sends the credit card number to you in e-mail IF the number is valid. This script WON'T check the credit card is stolen or valid, but it check for the number... If you want to set up a software store, but you don't want to purchase merchant account, then this script can be good for immediate downloading.

  7. CC_Ver Lite by haverok.net
    $10 - Platform: Unix
    This script verifies a credit card number, but it won't send it to you a mail. This is ONLY for verifiing... Buy the pro version if you want to get the entered cc numbers!

  8. ccManage
    $99.95 - Platform: Unix
    If you run a membership web site and use iBill's Credit Card Subscription Services or Web900 services, you need a good way to keep track of all those users, verify the PIN codes issued after each transaction (if used), identify who the users are and when they signed up. More importantly, you want the whole process to operate smoothly to make it easy for people to subscribe to your site....and more importantly, stay a member. ccManage is a complete solution to handling your transactions made through the iBill Credit Card Subscription services.

  9. ccPass
    $49.95 - Platform: Unix
    A script to handle iBILL post processing transactions and password file administration. Some of the features include: Automatic entry of new username/password pair following a successful transaction; Logs all transactions (even over multiple accounts) for your record keeping; Keeps an error log for trouble tracking; Automatic e-mail messages to new members (you get a copy for your records also); Inherent security features; Includes a Readme file, sample HTML forms,... plenty to help you get started!

  10. Click Bank Emailer
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    Works in conjuction with ClickBank and allows you to Email your software/information to your customer instead of normal HTTP download. Protect your product this way! Logs email address IP and ticket number! Allows you to ban domains such as free email accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo.

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