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Accepting Checks Online

If you have been looking for a way to accept online check payments on your web site but just don't know where to look, look no further. This is a compiled listing of companies offering online check payment processing services. Please note that our purpose is to provide this as a "reference only" listing. We are not in any way endorsing the products/services of any of the companies listed herein. Furthermore, we also urge you to check out all possible options and to inquire directly with these companies. Get all the information necessary to help you in your decision-making process.

  1. CyberCash, Inc.
    Brief Description:
    CyberCash, headquartered in Reston, VA, is recognized as the world's leading provider of Secure Electronic Commerce Payment Solutions. CyberCash is the only company to offer multiple payment types including credit, cash and check. So you get the quality, convenient and easy-to-use services that you demand.
    Requires an inquiry form to be filled out in order to receive full information.

  2. i-Check.net - The Internet Check
    Brief Description:
    With i-Check, you obtain check information from your customers over the Internet by adding a link to your i-Check payment page. This page resides on i-Check's Internet Gateway Server and can be customized to fit your site's colors, background and appearance.
    Merchant Account: Not Required
    Sign up - $99.95
    Monthly - $5.95
    Transaction - ranges from $0.82 ~ $1.36 depending on selected plan and volume of transactions.

  3. iBill
    Brief Description:
    Internet Billing Company, Ltd. (ibill) is a leading worldwide provider of secure transaction processing solutions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business electronic commerce. iBill provides turnkey billing solutions to sellers of web site content, services, and products--whether they have an existing Internet Merchant Account or not.
    Monthly - none
    Transaction - 15%

  4. iTransact RediCheck
    Brief Description:
    iTransact Corporation, a leading developer of total Internet payment solutions, is a privately-held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. iTransact Corporation has processed millions of dollars in transactions and has demonstrated that its systems are stable and secure. iTransact Corporation's proprietary technology base and its ability to continually introduce innovative payment solutions keeps the company on the cutting edge of transaction services.
    Sign up - $395 (lease plan also available).
    Monthly - minimum monthly total of transaction fees is $40
    Transaction - 2.0% of transaction amount with a minimum $0.25

  5. ValidCheck.com
    Brief Description:
    ValidCheck.com, allows you to accept validated check payments from your customers right over the internet. There is no special hardware or software needed!
    Sign up - $30 membership fee
    Monthly - none
    Transaction - 99¢ - plus add-on charges for other services (eg: Address Validation) if availed.

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