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Countdown and Calendar Scripts
  1. Group Schedule
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Do you have a group of people you need to organize meetings with? Well this CGI will calculate when the best times are for your entire group to get together. This is done by every member submitting the hours of each day of the week they are generally available at, then the CGI prints out a schedule that tells you at exactly what times everyone is available at. I thought of this because game clans have trouble finding times when everyone is available to play, but it can be used for anyone, such as a business needing to know when to schedule team meetings!

  2. @1 Calendar Publisher
    $39.95 - Platform(s): Unix
    An online web calendar.

  3. 3DeeArts' Calendar
    $64.95 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    3DeeArts' Calendar is a well designed, user friendly calendar program. Features include multiple views, repeating events, event notification, template based design, search engine, public and private events, event priority, personal options, full administration and registration options, help files and extensive documentation.

  4. A WebEvent Calendar Program
    $50 - $1,200 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT, Mac
    WebEvent is a commercial web calendar program that features event types, multiple views and formats, repeating events, conflict resolution, event reminders, meta-calendars (combined calendars), searchable calendars, easy to use options (style, color, event urls, event images), and source code.

  5. Availcheck Web-based availability Calendars
    single calendar FREE - Platform(s): Unix
    Daily & Weekly Availability Calendars showing availability & price. Instantly updateable. Control panel lets you create edit delete calendars. Requires SQL DB

  6. calendar.pl -- A Calendar of Events in CGI
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Features of this calendar script include: Make calendars for months between January, 1970 and December, 2049; Maintain your style using a customized template and stylesheet; Present all users with a readable calendar.

  7. Calendar-CSA
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Perl extension to interface with CDE Calendar Manager

  8. Calendar Plus
    $25 - $75 - Platform: Unix
    This script acts as an online event scheduler. It allows multiple users to view, add to, modify and delete from a shared calendar.

  9. Cam-GirlScheduler
    $150 - Platform(s): Unix
    A simple to use and maintain scheduler for Webcam Girl sites. It allows for an unlimited number of girls. The scheduler also makes use of a global database of all users. This database is listed on other Cam Girl Scheduler sites and it brings surfers to your site.

  10. Countdown by CGI Zone
    Free - Platform: Unix
    Countdown is a basic countdown script that counts down to a certain date indicated by you. Once configured simply put the ssi tag anywhere on your page to see the wonderful countdown in action.

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