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Chat Scripts
  1. American Pie
    $19.95 - Platform: Unix
    Another great program from Theme Chat! Full featured, pop-up chat with an American patriotic theme. Great for web sites with any kind of American theme. Includes Admin and User control sections.

  2. aXpi Chat
    Free - Platform(s): ALL
    IRC based real time chat for webmasters commercial or non. Just type in your channel name and it will give you some code to insert straight into your webpage somewhere in between the body tag.

  3. BlueChat
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    BlueChat is a fast, Free, nice looking, web based chat script. Made to be quick and not hog server resources, but still has many features. Multiple channels, actions, colored names and messages, smile images.

  4. Build-A-Chat
    $69.95 - Platform(s): All
    Build-A-Chat is an extremely customizable chat program for your web site. Uses server-push and client-pull/javascript chat methods for flicker free chat messaging. It includes over 150 features and options to choose from. Ideal for webmasters and web designers who want to design their own chat rooms for themselves or their customers. Comes with language files for easy translations.

  5. Caput Web Chat
    Platform: Unix
    The various features of Caput Web Chat include a basic help page which can be designed individually. A peep or "browse-only" function allows visitors to follow the debate in a room without being logged in or participating actively in the debate. A "handle control" feature - this gives the visitors an opportunity to reserve a password protected personal alias to be used in the chat. "Private messages" feature makes it possible for the visitors to write to each other privately. A "special guest" that makes it possible for a special guest to appear particularly accentuated compared to the other visitors in a chat room and to use the administrative features.

  6. CGI:IRC
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A Perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browser without having to have access to an IRC port or Java (but it does need a frames compatable browser). With many commands, access controls, multiple channels and colours.

  7. Chat by haverok.net
    $35 - Platform: Unix
    This is a framed chat script. It has got 2 cgi files. 1 for writing messages into file and 1 for showing the messages to the users. It writes the messages into a txt file. You can edit, how much messages do you want to store in the file. You can also change the colors, allow/disable html code/images.

  8. Chat Community v4.0
    $231.00 - Platform(s): Linux, WinNT, Win2000
    ScriptDesigners Chat is an ideal solution to build interactivity in a website while promoting loyalty and repeat visits. Allow members and visitors to interact in real-time thru a variety of channels (public rooms, private rooms, directed private chat, instant messages, instant posposts, and more). And for fun (which we believe 99% of chatting is all about), Chat has been designed with three types of emoticons easily accessed by the user thru dropdown menus. With a professionally designed template-based user interface, you can put it to work immediately!

  9. Chat Pro
    $250 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    ChatPro is a cgi script written in Perl to allow real-time "chatting" with people anywhere else in the world so long as they are in the same chat-room as you. Careful design was implemented to insure ChatPro would be compatible with every forms capable browser.

  10. ChatChatChat
    This is a very easy-to-configure chat script written in Perl 5.

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