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Bulletin Board Scripts
  1. BoardMaster
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Professional look, highly configurable and versatile script. Features include: Fast code, easy on the server; FAST loading, pre-made thread pages; Three different thread looks (open, closed, full); Users can Edit/Delete/Preview messages; Reply to SPECIFIC messages; Auto-managment of thread pages (auto splits & manages pages); Search engine (many options); Custom board look (frames, colors, number of messages, etc); Liquid design (same look for all browsers, all resolutions), Multiple boards. Installation in 10 minutes, even for complete newbies.

  2. BrillNews
    $25.00 - Platform: Unix
    BrillNews is an advanced news adding package that allows support for multiple users, automatic archiving, full administrative control, pain-free installation, and 100% customizeable output.

  3. Bulletin Board System
    Free - Platform: Unix
    A highly configurable Bulletin Board System

  4. CDboard
    $44 - Platform: Unix
    CDboard is a full fledge forum or discussion board software written in Perl 5. It is a very flexible product offering complete password protected access control with 7 different levels of access (9 counting demo modes). Once installed, new discussion boards can be created, archived or deleted at the click of a button. Each new board can be configured from the web independently from the other boards and an index of boards is maintained by the software and can be accessed through the web.

  5. ClassAct
    $9.95 - Platform: Unix
    This is a classifieds /bulletin board program with user defined tables and graphics. Users are allowed enter their Name, Email, URL, and Comments. The information submitted via a cgi form is first previewed prior to saving. This allows them to make changes or correct mistakes. Afterwards it gets a date stamp and then is written to the HTML document being used. The program also check for blank spaces so empty messages aren't submitted.

  6. Colored Scripts Message Board
    Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    Easy to use. Comfortable graphic interface. Messages look like graffiti on a brick wall.

  7. CommunityForums
    $299.00 - $499.00 - Platform: Unix
    CommunityForums puts the user experience first. An easy to use interface hides a powerful back-end that personalizes forums to meet the users needs. It has all the features you’d expect: moderated, read-only and private forums or threads; powerful searching and reporting on members and forums and embedded polls and scripting. Plus CF boasts powerful administration, and personalization for members. CommunityForums was built to encourage the development of online communities.

  8. CoolBoard
    Free - Platform: Unix
    CoolBoard is an advanced message board script with a high level of control. CoolBoard allows the webmaster complete control of normal script output.

  9. DBasics Software Co.'s Post-It Scripts
    $25 - Platform: Unix
    The Post-It script is a tool for webmasters to post updates and/or messages to a page via their web browser. There are many applications for this script such as using it for a "What's New" page or as a technical notes page. The script is identical in functionality as the WWWBoard script except that it doesn't allow people to respond to the posted messages. If you can install Matt's Script WWWBoard you can install Post-It.

  10. db_TalkToMe
    Free/$30.00 - Platform: Unix
    db_TalkToMe Version 2 is a fully customizable secure multiple forum message board engine. Designed to let you easily integrate an unlimited number of public and/or private forums on your web site. Now your personal or business forum can be secured to only allow access to registered users. Setup a secure forum for each department in your company and let your employee's collaborate online.

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