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Banner Ad Scripts
  1. Ace EasyBanners 2.0
    $25 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT
    EasyBanners is a powerful yet simple cgi banner rotation program. It is easy to install and easier to work with. It comes with an administration page where you can edit all the ads and their properties, keeps track of all the clicks and impressions for each banner, comes with lots of options you can configure for each banner, and provides a stats page for each of your advertizers, with all the information they need. Its a very complete program with lots of new features in version 2.0. Check out the demonstration page and see for yourself the ideal solution to manage your webpage's ads!

  2. Ad Eagle
    $350.00 - Platform: Unix
    This advertising system is intended for large websites that need a reliable advertising system, that can withstand heavy traffic, and yet be easily managed. It is flexible, allowing the administrator to set expiration methods for each banner, either by views, days or clicks, giving you more options to offer your customers. The admin is simple to use, with many features to make banner advertising on your web site hassle free.

  3. Ad Management Software
    $475 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, WinNT
    Ad mangament software used for managing and serving banner, text, 3rd party and rich media ads.

  4. AdRevolver Banner Manager
    $99 - Platform(s): Linux, UNIX, Windows
    Banner ad management software for Linux, UNIX, Windows servers. Provides accurately targeted advertising. Serves banners of all types: GIF, JPG, Rich Media, HTML. Detailed tracking and stats

  5. Ad Server Solutions banner ad management software
    $475 - Platform(s): Unix, Linux, Solaris
    An affordable robust banner ad management software solution. Manage and rotate banner ads, interactive marketing units and skyscrapers on your web sites.

  6. ADCenter 2000 Deluxe v2.0
    $200 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    AD Center 2000 is a CGI script for organizing your own Banner Exchange. Features: Online user registration ensures complete and valid user data. AD Center 2000 notifies the Administrator via email with the new user information and also emails the new user with his account information (name, password, and code to place on his site to be a part of the Exchange); Browser uploading for banner ad graphics with file type and size checking (i.e. GIF image at 468x60); The default Banner Exchange ad automatically replaces any missing banners in the rotation; Members and admin sections are separated to several pages; 2 types of credits: clicks and impressions; Global, daily and hourly stats and credit information; User can manage target sites and time for advertising; Full control on script variables via WEB-form; Maillist option enabled for emailing to all exchange members; Search engine is enabled; Categories Browsing is enabled; Referal features. Users earn credits for each user they refer; NO iframe and ilayer tags are used. Cookie-based system; Free visitor counter for each user; Easily modifiable HTML templates; ONE configuration file for all AD Center 2000 features; Automatic rotation of banner ads;

  7. ADC2000 NG PRO
    $4000 - Platform: Unix, WinNT
    AD Center 2000 NG Pro is a professional version of banner exchange software for organizing your own Banner Exchange. Software uses MySQL backend, and has rich media ads support, multibanner support, advanced targeting, multilanguage support, flash stats and much more...

  8. AdGenie
    $295 - Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This script display ads as part of HTML pages, in a separate frame or on the pages produced by CGI programs on the fly. Ads may be set to automatically expire by specifying the amount of days or impressions or clicks throughs. The program also generates HTML reports on each ad's statistics.

  9. AdServer2000TM
    Platforms: Unix, WinNT
    This professional advertising software allows you to run an ad server on your site, display targeted ads in a search engine and more.

  10. AdSpaceSeller advertising software
    $80 - Platform(s): Unix, WinNT, Win2000
    Allows you to sell your advertising space directly to advertisers. You decide on rates, bulk discounts, etc. Selling your adspace direct means that you wont be conned by that fraudulent affiliate program. Your the boss! Can be set to pay per impression or pay per click. More...

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