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  1. BigNoseBird.Com CGI Information
  2. CGI City's Online Perl 5 Commands Reference Manual
  3. Common Gateway Interface Quick Reference Guide
  4. HelpwURLd's Introduction To CGI
  5. NCSA: The Common Gateway Interface Overview
  6. NCSA: The Common Gateway Interface Specification
  7. Perl 5 Reference Manual
  8. The WDVL: The Common Gateway Interface
  1. Andy's Netscape HTTP Cookie Info
  2. Cookie Central
  3. Malcolm's Guide to Persistent Cookies
  4. Netscape: Persistent Client State HTTP Cookies
  5. NetscapeCookie Test Results
  6. RFC 2109 - HTTP State Management Mechanism
  7. Use Cookies To Perrsonalize Webpages
  8. Use Cookies With Server Side Includes
  9. Using cookies to analyze user activity & create custom pages
  1. CGI Programming OpenFAQ
  2. MacPerl Q&A
  3. The Perl CGI FAQ
  4. The Perl FAQ Index
  6. Safe Scripting in Perl
  1. CGI Programming 101
  2. CGI Programming Techniques in Perl
  3. Database CGI Programming for Windows NT using Perl and ODBC
  4. Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and Perl
  5. Introduction to CGI Programming
  6. Jaime's Introduction to CGI Programming with Perl
  7. Perl & CGI Tutorial
  8. Perl Man Pages in HTML
  9. Perl Primer
  10. Perl Reference
  11. Randal Schwartz -- WebTechniques columns online archive
  12. Writing object-oriented CGIs with Perl
  1. Are You Safe?
  2. CGI Security Tutorial
  3. NCSA: Writing secure CGI scripts
  4. The CGI Security FAQ
  5. Writing safe CGI scripts -- an overview
  6. WWW Security Mailing list archive
  1. ANU EPub - Server Side Includes
  2. Apache: Module mod_include
  3. BigNoseBird Presents Server Side Includes
  4. CGI Programming on the WWW: Server Side Includes
  5. Internetter: Server Side Includes Tutorial
  6. Mark West's Server-Side-Includes Tutorial
  7. Matt Kruse's Server-Side-Includes Tutorial
  8. NCSA: Server Side Includes (SSI)
  9. Server Side Includes Step-By-Step Instructions
  10. The Server Side Includes Tutorial
  11. WebCom Guide - "server side includes"
  1. A Tour of HTML Forms and CGI Scripts
  2. ABCs of CGI
  3. Adam Stanislav's CGI Tutorial
  4. CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
  5. CGI in Perl
  6. CGI Made Really Easy
  7. Dan's Perl CGI Tutorial
  8. Dave's Perl CGI Tutorial
  9. HTML Goodies CGI Tutorial
  10. Interactividad, Forms y Scripts CGI
  11. Introducing "CGI Programming on the Web"
  12. Nik Silver's Perl Tutorial
  13. Perl Tutorial by NCSA
  14. Web Consultant's Perl Tutorial
  15. What is CGI?
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