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Thank you for your interest in placing your advertisement in CGI City. Once you sign up for ad placement with us, your banners will be placed into our ad rotation. Please note that we have a policy to limit the number of advertisers to a reasonable figure every month. This means that every month, there are only a small number of advertisers within the rotation.

An imporatnt fact to note here is that CGI City's audience/visitors are primarily "web techies", from the novice to the seasoned. This genre includes (but are not limited to) web developers, webmasters, CGI/Perl/UNIX programmers, and the like. Thus we have a tight demoraphic of captured audience.

Advertising Options:

120 x 120 BANNERS

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 pixels.
  • File Size: strictly not to exceed 14KB
  • File format: GIF, Animated GIF or JPEG

120x120 pixel banner spots may be purchased on per-month basis starting at only $199/month. .

120 x 120 Banner Ad Rate Card
1 $199.00 $199.00 Check
Credit Card
2 $370.00 $185.00 Check
Credit Card
3 $525.00 $175.00 Check
Credit Card
6 $999.00 $166.50 Check
Credit Card
12 $1800.00 $150.00 Check
Credit Card

468 x 60 BANNERS

  • Dimensions: The IAB standard size of 468x60 pixels is recommended. But we are flexible and will accept any dimension not exceeding 570x60 pixels.
  • File Size: strictly not to exceed 20KB
  • File format: GIF, Animated GIF or JPEG

In order to place your ad immediately into our banner rotation, we need to receive your full payment upfront. To pay, click on the appropriate links next to the number of impressions you wish to purchase. Our ad rates are as follows:

468 x 60 Banner Ad Rate Card
10,000 $120.00 $0.012 Check
Credit Card
20,000 $240.00 $0.012 Check
Credit Card
30,000 $330.00 $0.011 Check
Credit Card
40,000 $440.00 $0.011 Check
Credit Card
50,000 $500.00 $0.010 Check
Credit Card
100,000 $900.00 $0.009 Check
Credit Card

We reserve the right to reject any banner which we, based on our judgement and discretion, deem to be unacceptable.

Advertisement must be paid in full upfront before they are placed into rotation.

secure payment
CGI City accepts Secure Payment by credit card.

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Important Note To Credit Card Orders
Please choose the appropriate Shipping To information upon your order. This is just for record purposes. Email your banner file to use and it will be put into rotation within 24 hours of verification and approval of your credit card information.

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